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Art and Design - Miss Mathews 

Thursday - Year 8  - Room F11 

Friday - Year 7 & 9 - Room F11 

Bicycle Maintenance

Every Wednesday

3.05 - 4.05pm

T6 with Mr Fletcher

Board Games Club

Tuesday 2nd Lunch  

Years 7 & 9

G11 with Mrs Norman


Monday 2nd Lunch

F20 with Miss Hargreaves


Cartoon & Comic Books Society

Every Wednesday

3.05 - 4.05pm

G4 with Mrs Rennie

All year groups welcome

Duke of Edinburgh Award

See Mr Simpson in Room F4 for more details

Year 9, 10 & 11

Drama Club

Every Tuesday

3.05 - 4.05pm

Room T3 drama studio with Miss Brown

All year groups welcome

DT Fashion Show Club

Tuesday 15.05 to 16.05 & Thursday Second lunch 13.35 to 14.05

T5 with Mr Fletcher

Eco Club

  Bebington Coop Academy Eco Club Activities Programme - Spring/ Summer 2024





Who can take part

How do I get involved?


Every Week 

Eco Club meeting

Tuesday 3.10pm 

Any year groups

Turn up after school, see Mrs Hopkins


Until the end of April

The Mutant Fish Art installation on display 

Until the end of the month

Anybody can visit the display

Take a visit

Birkenhead Park Visitors Centre

Wednesday 17th April 


Friday 19th April 2023 then monthly- look out for dates

Keep Britain Tidy- Great British Spring Clean litter picking

Over Lunchtimes

Volunteers- pupils from each form: Y7, Y8, Y9, F1, eco club members

Make sure you had lunch then turn up to F4

F4 and MUGA

April 23rd

Eco Club- working on the new eco garden planters. Herb garden planting

After School 


Turn up to F4


April 25th

Eco Club trip to Angel Square

All Day

Selected Eco Club Members

Regular Eco Club attendees


Throughout summer term

Keep collecting batteries for the Big Battery Hunt

On going

Eco Club

Count to take place in May and June


Monday 24thApril- July 12th 

Bebfest tickets go on sale 

Over Lunch

Eco Club

See O Wright Year 9 who is our eco club ticket sale lead

Across school 

Throughout May

Sessions to make more plastic bottle  ‘mutant fish’ 

Over lunch and after school 

Anyone interested in arts and the environment

Ask Mrs Hopkins for dates and times

In art room (TBC) 

May Half Term


June 2024

Monthly litter pick

Over lunch

Nominated pupils from each form: Y7, Y8, Y9, F1, eco club members

Nominated pupils 

Meet in the Mugga

June 20th 2024

Clean Air Day 2023- Promotion to walk to school

All Day

Eco Club and Geography lessons


Eco club to speak to pupils who have asthma about their experience of poor air quality. 



Other Tuesdays in June

Eco garden development- Bug Hotel and hedgehog houses

After School

Eco Club

Come along to Eco Club

F4/ eco garden

July 2024

Monthly Litter Pick

Over Lunch

Nominated pupils from each form: Y7, Y8, Y9, F1, eco club members

Nominated pupils

Meet in the Mugga

July 12th  2024

Bebfest Goes Green 2024

Whole school after school event

All pupils and families (ticket required) 

Buy a ticket from the Bebfest team or speak to Miss Utley or Mrs Hopkins to get involved in the event



Other Initiatives:

Safer Street project- continue to work with Wirral Borough Council Safer Streets Project team to record traffic levels outside school 


Fairtrade- we have funds to hold a fairtrade stall at Bebfest but will also be running a campaign in summer to raise awareness with pupils. 

Staff Clothes recycling scheme- In the staff room - to raise money for the school. 


Wirral Fuss Drop off Boxes at School reception


For more information see Mrs Hopkins in F4


Farm Club 


Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

3.05 - 4.05pm

The Farm with Miss Leyland, Mr Pierce & Miss McRae

All year groups welcome

DT Cookery Club

Every Thursday

3.05 - 4.05pm

T2 with Mr Fletcher

Geography Club

Every Friday, First break

10.45 - 11.05am

F4 with Mrs Hopkins

LGBTQ+ Drop In

Every Friday, Lunch 1 & Lunch 2

12.05 - 12.35pm, 12.35 - 1.05pm

T3 Drama Studio with Miss Forber

All year groups welcome

Maths Homework Club

Every Tuesday

3.05 - 4pm

G13 with Mrs Kempster

Mechanic Sessions (Saturday)

Every Saturday

9am - 12pm

Workshop Building with Mr Fletcher

Minecraft Club

Everyday Lunch 2 

F13 with Mr Toner


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before School (8:00-8:30am)   Indoor Football S.H (GMC)     Indoor Football S.H (GMC)
Lunchtime 1 

Football Astro (GMC)

Badminton or Basketball (CLE)

Football Astro (GMC)

Sports Leadership (CLE)

Football Astro (GMC)


Football Astro (GMC)


Football Astro (GMC)
Lunchtime 2

Football Astro (GMC)

Basketball (ATH)

Football Astro (GMC)

Football Astro (GMC)


Football Astro (GMC)

Dance Club (KRS)

Football Astro (GMC)



Rounders  (CLE)


Dance Company (KRS)


Year 7 School Football Team (GMC) 


Star Wars Club

Every Wednesday & Thursday

3.05 - 4pm

F6 with Mrs Dooley

All year groups welcome, students can bring their own lightsabres & toys to the group

Music Clubs


  Lunch 3.10 - 4.15pm

Open House
(try any instrument or sing)

All Years, Lunch 1 & 2 


Tuesday Rock Band Club L1 
Years 8, 10 & Sixth Form

Keyboard Club
Years 7 & 9

Open House Club
Years 7, 8 &9

Wednesday Live Lunch - All Years 
L1 & 2 - MU1
Band Night
Years 10, 11 & Sixth Form

Music Guitar Club L2
Years 7 & 9

Friday Music Karaoke Club L2
7, 9 & 11